June week two community Highlights: Bulls, Bears and Crabs

6 min readJun 13, 2022


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The Merchants of $Near is always making price prediction for Near and we are pleased to bring you some of those predictions. Feel free to join our community and make your own weekly predictions for a chance to win exciting prices in $Near. Here are some highlights from the Merchants’ community:

Analysis 1: I am taking the 15mins chart for a more detailed explanation of the dump in near.

If we remember we made like two scenarios the bullish and bearish. It turns out the tables have turned towards the bears. The price has dumped below 4.8$ support.

So, i have drawn a trend line using the 1hr chart and i feel according to the trend line the price of near may reach the level of 3.8–3.9$ at least if the prices of ethereum and bitcoin don’t recover.

You can check the detailed analysis of near chart using the link below:

You can check the detailed analysis of near chart using the trading view link above.

In the 1hr chart we can see a clear bearish pattern being made and i have drawn a trend line along the previous lows. This gives us a brief idea regarding what the current low can be.

The support of 4.8$ has been broken and the price of the near dumped to 4.021$ we can see a 3.8–3.9$ if the price of ethereum don’t recover soon.


So, the short term was bearish but what about long term? Even the long term, is it bearish? Hmm well yes it is bearish. The weekly chart is looking like a deadly falling knife with lot of reds.

That’s no doubt a bad sign but one more thing to keep a note is even the fundamentals come into play when we do a prediction of long term. The fundamentals of near is rock solid and the kind of development happening in near is really makes it the one to look forward too.

I have a lot of near in my portfolio and i am not selling it any time soon. Well i wont tell you guys to buy some near now I would recommend you guys to wait for some more dump.

I want you guys to wait and not invest in any projects right now, as there are a lot of negative news and fud happening all round the markets, saying not only the crypto market.

My last note to you all is education and knowledge is what I intend to give you, and financial advice is not the focus here.

Analysis 1 is From Adithya NG

Analysis 2: NEAR is right now sitting on a heavy support or we can say previous 2021 ATH and is now showing an inverse head and shoulders pattern on the daily timeframe and is inside a falling wedge as well,
I’m assuming NEAR to trade inside the wedge this whole week and will reach 5$ by the end of the week making the double bottom structure before going in any direction, so my prediction for the weekend would be 5$

Trading View link to analysis with chart: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/NEARUSDT/WGqSVCxC-NEAR-Prediction-for-Weekend-is-5/

Analysis 2 is from Muroleto

Analysis 3:

BTC and near both are in range-bound for weeks now. BTC is dancing between 29000 to 32000 and NEAR be 4.7 to 6.7 .

Taking the small frame NEAR is dancing between 5.13 to 5.7.

A break above that 5.7 price takes near to 6.5 something and a break in the support takes it down to the 4.7s level.

Currently, I will consider that small frame and as per that I will predict that NEAR will go somewhere between 5.5–5.7 and

MY price prediction will be 5.62 for this week.

for monthly it will be 8 or 3 it depends on whether it breaks the support or resistance.

Link to trading View Analysis: https://in.tradingview.com/chart/NEARUSDT/qXa8du34-Near-price-prediction-for-sunday/

Analysis 3 is from Ankitchauhan

Analysis 4:

HELLO everyone in this post, let’s talk about $NEAR weekly and monthly price structure.


Near is reviving quick even if BTC pumps a little and showing good support even if BTC drops 1000s of $ ( talking BTC came back again to 29s but near was still 5.17 )

If we get a good volume we can to high prices and will be approaching 7 which seems difficult since BTC dom is high and volume in the market got reduced too much.

Thus my price prediction for this week will be fib 0.38 and that is $ 5.424

reasons behind and prediction

1, NEAR shows a bullish nature.
2. Bollinger is at 5.63 and I think it will get rejected from their BCS of the BTC
3. fib levels and neutral rsi and rsi should go to 70–80 at least.

Link to Trading View Analysis: https://in.tradingview.com/chart/NEARUSDT/E4QaVwQG-NEAR-ANALYSIS/

Analysis 4 is from ItsKmrr

Analysis 5:

Near on 4h TF is inside a descending triangle, which is not good for upper side movement. if near wants to break the downtrend it has to break 5.5 and close above it on 4h timeframe; doing this would open for pump to 6–6.5$ level. for now main resistance for near is 6.5 and 7.4$ bypassing 6.5$ can open ways for 7.4 ..but as near token unlocking scheduled this week ..there might be some dump ..my prediction for this Sunday is 4.8$

Link to Trading View Analysis: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/NEARUSDT/4K6RsQ5D-Near-4H-chart-idea/

Analysis 5 is from Ayazmd786

Analysis 6:

$NEAR is consolidated bw those two lines and the volume is decreasing day by day thus I think $NEAR will break that support horizontal line and go more down to the next
support lines of 4.7 $ .

And thus my weekly price prediction is 4.73 $ .

Monthly price prediction —

As I said earlier $NEAR volume is decreasing and thus near price is pushing more down and thus I think so the month will end below 4$.

Still one can buy at 4,73 and if it go more down than next buy below 4$.

Link to Trading View: https://in.tradingview.com/chart/NEARUSDT/WEMW5m7P-NEAR-PRICE-PREDICTION-FOR-THIS-WEEK/

Analysis 6 is from Sujeetji786

Analysis 7:

Here’s my analysis and view for the price of Near for Sunday 11:59pm UTC.

My analysis is drawn from the NEARUSDT 1D chart. The methodology here is purely price action analysis. The channel lines show that the overall condition and trend is bearish . The higher highs of the chart pattern from the ATH and the next high are steeply apart by just $0.8.

From the price action here, since price couldn’t break beyond the initial high at $20.6, it’s clear that price will remain bearish for quite some time.
For the next week, price will move up to $7–9 levels to liquidate shorts before continuing the bearish trend .

My prediction is a price of $6.4 by the end of Sunday 11:59pm UTC.

Link to Trading View: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/NEARUSDT/09tNpmJq-Brief-Bullish-Correction-of-Near/

Analysis 7 is from Jackson Joshua

These are few analysis from last week. we will bring you more of this during our next price prediction contest for Near.





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