May week 4 community Highlights: Bull, Bears and Crabs.

The Merchants of $Near community is so hyped on predicting the price of our precious asset.

Here are some random predictions and links to the detailed analysis on trading view and Twitter.

Analysis 1: Pivot s1 support is crucial on weekly chart holding near for a long run. According to price action downside breakout from $7 has been made and support is at $5.4 in weekly time frame. If it goes more down then $4.73 is the next pivot.

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Analysis 2: Near price is holding at 5.7$ of fibonacci level of 0.236. Breaking down gets as to the lower levels of 2$. In my opinion price will hold 5.7$ for few days from now. For Sunday price 5.7$ is my prediction
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Analysis 3: EMA20 & EMA50 is trading under EMA100 is a sign of bears in full control. $Near could hit 5$ in upcoming week and can go as low as 3$ if bitcoin remains falling.
For Price Prediction Contest My sunday target is 5.8$

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Analysis 4: Near is trading inside a bearish pendant in 4h tf, there is no clear trend now due to btc being choppy so far rejection ema21 in 4hr tf. My price for this week close is 5.9

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  • Abbas (mohdabbas.near)

Analysis 5: NEAR is making a Bear Pennant Pattern which if broken down can take near to 3–4$,
Near is also trading below EMA 13 which is showing us downtrend on daily and it haven’t even showed us any strength and the crypto market is also in bearish structure. My prediction for next week is 5.4$.

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  • Jinkan

Analysis 6: Currently $NEAR looks struggling to maintain its price with breaking its old trendline. And now after bounce back from the support of $5.437 but its missing volume to break the resistance shown with red lines.
With btc dominance rising expecting alts to bleed more in upcoming days.
So from my view, i am expecting that $Near will again fall back to its support by the end if week and test back the level of $5.437.
Now this will be crucial for Near, will it hold the support or will it break it. In case of bounce we will see it again going to test red line resistance and in case of breaking new green dashed line support will be formed. These support are from mid september and august 2021 time.
This support is critical and will decide the course of Near for upcoming days.

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From the various analysis of the merchants of Near, we hope you can find some useful hints as to where the price of Near could be heading.

Meanwhile, all of the analysis here are purely for educational purposes and not financial advice.

Happy Trading!


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