October Week 2 Community Highlights: Bear, Bull and Crab

Hey Merchants, week 2 of the October contest is upon us and we will again showcase the highlights of our community. This time we will present you 1 bull, 1 bear and 1 crab analysis from our community. Let’s recap our first week of October in crypto.

Merchants ‘Bull’ of the week:

Near was moving in a descending triangle last week and broke out yesterday. Most of the l1 projects are mooning and NEAR is consolidating and will make a move in the upcoming days. As per my analysis NEAR can test the previous ATH. So my prediction for the week is 11.6$.

  • @ryder901

Merchants ‘Bear’ of the week:

As predicted last week, I still think $NEAR needs to return to test the $6.67 price zone before making a big pump to ATH at $11.8.

  • @anhquocdzt445

Merchants ‘Crab’ of the week:

NEAR is in clear uptrend and holding the slanting support. As said already there is no volume in the alts market. Usually alts go sideways in the first half of October. NEAR may test the support and consolidate. My price expectation is 8.8$

  • @harrynewt

Overall people are feeling that the price will be consolidating and that we need to hold $7.55 in order for the price to be able to gain new momentum again. This week will be interesting to see if NEAR hits his ATH again.

Thanks for the Merchants for submitting predictions. If you want a full scope of everyone’s analysis or have questions on market conditions, be sure to join our TG community.

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Best of luck and happy hodling!

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