Bears are voracious in action
  1. Dollar-Cost Average Selling: If you want or need to liquidate your stocks, it may be tempting to do it all at once. However, it may be worth your time to consider dollar-cost averaging instead. Usually applied to buying, dollar-cost averaging typically has you investing a set amount of money into a certain stock over a period of time instead of buying all at once. The idea is that spreading out your investments over a period of time will smooth out momentary spikes in any direction, meaning your cost basis will more closely follow the overall market trend.
  2. Stick to the staples: While some companies might reign in production during an economic downturn, there are some companies that produce goods and services that people need, regardless of the current economic conditions. These industries — such as the food or utility industries — often hold their value if they aren’t increasing in value.
  3. Try Value investing: Bear markets are good for bargain-hunting. Fundamentally sound companies may be temporarily depressed, their shares slashed by the bear’s claws. As stock prices continue to fall, they can fall below the actual valuation, the book value, of the company. An investment strategy that focuses on these bargain stocks is known as value investing. Once the market returns to its original point and these undervalued stocks more accurately reflect their company’s book value, you’ll be able to capture that increase.
  4. Don’t get carried away: It can be easy to end up with overly risky investments when you’re in the middle of a bear market, looking under every rock for investments with big payoffs — you hope. Pay close attention to risk, and make sure you understand what you are investing in.



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