Venture Capital Interest in the $NEAR Token Is Booming

By The Merchants of NEAR

Since the launch of crypto-currency based projects, a new industry of crypto-focused venture capitalists has sprung up, hungry for early opportunities on the most innovative projects and products that will ground the internet of value.

In the NEAR Ecosystem, a host of new projects are starting to emerge that hold that very promise: Whether it is Ref.Finance, Flux, Skyward Finance, or Aurora, NEAR brings innovation in crypto to another level that most venture capitalists are slowly becoming aware of.

Number 5 In Crypto: Venture Capitalists Are Officially Backing NEAR

Messari reports on crypto asset holdings from the industries most funded and involved venture capitalists looking to benefit from early ecosystem opportunities. Beyond the fact that a16z launched a $2.2 billion dollar crypto fund (For the Official Post See Here) in recent months, venture capital in crypto is hungry for new projects and opportunities.

Back in April, Messari released a report positioning top Crypto Assets as held by different Venture Capital Funds (this would be approximately before the bearish turn the market has taken since). In that report, $NEAR was positioned towards the middle of the pack with 6 VC’s listed:

Fast Forward To July — What’s Changed?

Since April, Venture Capitalists have started paying more attention to NEAR. Is it because of the private sale of Aurora? Or perhaps the build out of Octopus Network? Regardless, NEAR is now listed as the 5th most held Asset in all of crypto according to Messari’s latest report:

Behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and Terra, $NEAR sits at #5, just in front of Oasis Network, ahead of Solana and Filecoin, Uniswap, Avalanche, and Cosmos.

As a lesson in financial literacy,’following the money’ is age old wisdom regardless of which industry you are in. The Merchants of NEAR strongly recommends heeding this advice as it applies to NEAR Protocol. Specifically we ask our readers the following question: When a bear market hits, what does it say about $NEAR that the number of VC’s holding the product has doubled in the short span of a couple of months? To us, it means quite frankly, that $NEAR is an undervalued asset that has extremely large amounts of room to grow. There is no doubt that after the NEAR NFT TaoBao announcement, the growth of Octopus Network, and the strong community of Chinese and Vietnamese supporters of NEAR, these regions are taking full advantage of the bear market and looking for entry points to $NEAR.

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